Corona Theater Phu Quoc


The Corona Theatre now is available as one of various exciting facilities at the Corona Casino & Resorts. Being Well – Equipped with surround sound system, modern lightning, comfort sofa with 500 seat on 5-star design, our Theatre will make you feel like home and make your nights more memorable with extraordinary live shows and performances at theatre.
With world-class shows with the famous singer of Vietnam and around the word. We believe that you will have the memorable night at Corona Casino & Resorts.

Thu Phương ngọt ngào cùng liveshow

“Giáng Sinh an lành”

Liveshow “Giáng Sinh an lành” với sự tham gia của Diva Thu Phương, ca sĩ Hồ Trung Dũng và và “thiên thần” Bolero Mỹ Ngọc đã mang đến cho khán thính giả của Nhà hát Corona Phú Quốc một đêm nhạc Giáng sinh ngọt ngào và ấm áp đúng như tên gọi

Quang Lê sâu lắng và trữ tình cùng

“Xóm nhỏ tình quê”

Liveshow “Xóm nhỏ tình quê” của giọng ca vàng Bolero Quang Lê, kết hợp cùng Phương Trinh Jolie đã diễn ra tại Nhà hát Corona Phú Quốc.

Phi Nhung – Trường Vũ song ca đỉnh cao

Liveshow “Tình Lúa Duyên Trăng”

Hai giọng ca trữ tình quen thuộc Phi Nhung và Trường Vũ trong Liveshow “Tình Lúa Duyên Trăng” độc quyền tại Nhà hát Corona – Phú Quốc đưa người xem lạc vào không gian miền Tây sông nước tươi đẹp và trù phú

Golf Course

Located at the Northern tip of Phu Quoc Island, Vinpearl Golf Phu Quoc has a tropical paradise’s landscape with dense jungle and serene beach. This is the first international-stan- dard golf course on the island, bearing its own unique mark from the regional terrain, having natural obstacles as well as many difficulty levels.. 


Akoya Spa was inspired by the classic beauty  of the Akoya Pearl, a traditional symbol of  elegance and beauty. Operated by Manda-  ra Spa, whose roots stem from the spiritual  island of Bali, the spa will combines this rich  sense of generosity and hospitality  with  exquisite local and International treatments  and products.


Inspire the conversations with our world-class mixology and stylish settings to be CHILLIN’ IN STYLE

Vinpearl Safari Park

Located in Long Beach area, Northwest of the of Phu Quoc island, Vinpearl Safari and con- servation park is the first and only open zoo in Vietnam that was built according to interna- tional Safari model.

Amusement Park 

With a size of 170,000 m2, Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc is invested into the largest and most modern amusement park in Southwest Vietnam, turning Phu Quoc – the beautiful pearl island into the new destination for visitors from all over the country.

Shopping Street

Enjoy some retail therapy and find the perfect souvenirs to take home with you while strolling along the resort’s shopping street; an attractive boulevard that is home to a fabulous array of boutique stores, including designer fashion brands and the latest accessories collections

Convention Center

Up to 18,502m2 with 2 floors. 8 meeting rooms with modern design, ranging from 275m2 to 1,258m2 in size, highly suitable for meet- ings/important deals closing.

Kid Club

Consisting of various games to stimulate children’s imagination, the club also offers baby-sitting services with a fee for children under 4.